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      Jimmy - Dec 10 2020

      5 important things to consider when buying cycling shorts

      Beroy men cycling

      Cycling, whilst wearing high-quality cycling shorts, will improve your comfort and performance while in the saddle. It is no secret that the skinny little seats that are on most bikes are not the most comfortable to sit on, especially for long periods.

      Fortunately, bike shorts were invented to protect your derriere while you are out on the bike. Even if you are only planning on cycling short journeys, investing in a few good quality pairs of biking shorts will help to improve your comfort and overall enjoyment while cycling.  

      Here are 5 important things to consider when purchasing cycling shorts:

      • Padding
      • Material
      • Fit and comfort
      • Improved Aerodynamics
      • Colour and design 

      Padding - Type and size

      Cycling shorts come with padding to help keep you stay comfortable while in the saddle for long periods. The best padding will also help to prevent chaffing. However, the materials used and the layout of the padding can have a considerable impact.

      Firstly, do not buy unisex cycling shorts. It is no secret that men and women’s anatomy is different. The padding for each is different and specifically designed to keep either men or women comfortable while cycling.

      Gel padding is best for cycling shorts as it provides more protection and lasts longer than chamois or foam padding. Chamois or foam padding mainly use the performance comparisons have breather hole and breathable perspiration. In contrast with, the gel will absorb a lot of the vibrations from the road as well as maintain its shape for longer. Mostly, beginner don’t like to use chamois or foam padding since it is too thin. The beginner are prefer gel pads than veterans. It really depend on your option.

      Beroy 3D Gel Padding

      3D Gel Padding

      Beroy 3D Chamois padding

      3D Chamois Padding

      Material - Quick-drying

      The material that bike shorts are made from makes a huge difference in how comfortable they are. The best fabric is a synthetic blend of both Nylon and Spandex. The Nylon is hard-wearing, helping to ensure that the bike shorts can stand up to the rigours of regular use. Also, nylon is very effective at wicking away moisture, which helps to make sure your bicycle shorts do not get damp and uncomfortable during your ride. The Spandex will give the bike shorts stretchiness without losing their shape after several uses. 

      Fit and comfort

      Cycling shorts are the most comfortable thing to wear while cycling.

      Again, do not buy unisex bike shorts, the padding is specifically designed to keep men or women comfortable while riding a bike. Although it may not be noticeable on a shorter ride, you should invest in sex-specific bike shorts for longer rides and regular use.

      Cycling shorts are meant to be tight fitting. Check the websites size guide before making any assumptions. Cycling shorts should be tight, but they should not feel restrictive or uncomfortable.  

      Improved Aerodynamics

      Not only are high-quality cycling shorts comfortable, but they can also help with your performance. Their tight-fitting design helps to improve your aerodynamics while cycling; this could improve your performance. It reduces the amount of drag you generate by decreasing the surface area created by your clothes. So you do not have to work as hard to cut through the air. 

      Beroy Cycling Aerodynamics
      Aerodynamics of cycling

      Colour and design

      The best bike shorts are fashionable and coordinated with your bike and the rest of your cycling gear. A lot of cycling shorts come in black as it is the most versatile and practical colour. However, you can also choose from some cool colors and patterns cycling shorts  that can match your bike and cycling jersey design.

      Some of the best cycling shorts also come with reflective strips. This helps you to be seen in low visibility conditions. Great if you are commuting by bicycle or intending to go out on the bike in the early morning or late evening.  

      Final thoughts

      Bike shorts keep you more comfortable and improve your performance while cycling. It is not a question of whether you need cycling shorts or not. It is about what padding, materials and designs are best for you.

      What is the most important feature of cycling shorts for you? How many pairs of cycling shorts do you own?  Add your comments

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