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      We recommend that you wash the cycling shorts under normal temperature (68 - 86°F / 20-30℃) with a washer, because they could be hard to wrung dry if hand-washed.

      Zip Up

      When you wash your cycling jerseys or any other garments which have zippers, make sure to zip them up. Undone zippers can tear up other clothes that happen to be in the washing machine. It's also a good idea to turn your jerseys inside out for the same reason.

      Separate Your Clothes

      ,Don't wash your cycling clothes with all of your regular clothes, and don't just throw all of your cycling clothes in together. Wash your dark colors separate from your whites to keep you clothes from becoming dingy. Also, We recommend that you use washing bags if you are going to machine wash them.

      DO NOT USE bleaches or whiteners

      No matter how dirty your clothes look, never use bleach or any other type of whitener. Its components are too strong for the fibers of the fabrics of your technical clothes.

      DO NOT iron your cycling clothes

      Cycling clothes do not tend to generate wrinkles, but if one should appear, never iron your technical clothes. You could ruin them with the excess heat of the iron. Surely, when you have them on for a while, the wrinkle will magically disappear.


      Do not use a dryer to dry your cycling shorts since high heat may rip the technical fabrics and your chamois pad and reduce the life of the garments.

      Air It Out

      The best way is to dry the cycling shorts under sunlight. Since it allows for your clothing to keep their shape and fit for longer