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      Jimmy  - May 10 2021

      Do You Really Need Padded Bike Shorts for Your Cycling Class?

      Although a comfortable seat will go a long way in helping to keep you motivated during your cycling class, padded bike shorts give you an added layer of protection.Their padding reduces aches, pains, and numbness that you sometimes feel while training on an exercise bike. It can be hard to stay motivated, especially when you are new to cycling, and every time you sit on the seat, you are in pain. The best indoor padded bike shorts help you cycle more and achieve your desired fitness goals.

      3d chamois
      3d gel

      Benefits of padded bike shorts for indoor cycling

      Improved Comfort in the saddle

      It is no secret that the small seats found on exercise bikes are not the most comfortable invention. They do, however, serve their purpose, and with the right clothing, you can spend hours on end perched on the saddle of a bicycle or spin bike. Padded bicycle shorts protect the places where your body makes contact with the seat.

      The gel or chamois padding gives enough protection to make every bike ride more comfortable. The padding is designed to fit your body and adds an extra layer between you and the seat. This little layer of padding is all it takes to remove aches and pains from being sat in the saddle for long periods. The padding also helps to absorb vibrations and reduces the risk of chaffing.

      Anatomically designed padding (Men or Women)

      You must buy men or women-specific cycling shorts. The best spinning shorts for women are ergonomically designed to fit the female body. They will have a higher waist, which is comfortable and reduces the risk of the shorts rolling down below your hips. In addition, the padding is specifically designed for the female anatomy. Even the best men’s spinning shorts will not be as comfortable as those made specifically for women (and vice versa).


      The added breathability of high-quality indoor cycling shorts helps to regulate your body’s temperature. Something super important for indoor cycling, as you are not benefiting from any wind that helps cool you down. Even if cycling shorts do not have a built-in mesh designed to keep you cool, the Nylon/Spandex blend found on most high-quality padded cycling shorts works with your body to wick away moisture and keep your legs cool no matter how intense your cycling class gets.

      Improved performance

      Cycling classes are great fun. Whether you are following a virtual spin class on your exercise bike at home or going to your local spin studio, the instructors push you to go faster and challenge yourself. As with any exercise, your performance is linked to how comfortable you are. That is why having well-fitted padded bike shorts will help improve your performance. Thanks to the padding and tight fit, you will feel more comfortable while sitting on the bike and be able to stay in the same position for much longer.

      Which padding is best?  (gel or chamois)

      Now you know a bit more about why padded bike shorts are so popular for indoor cycling. Here is some advice to help you to choose the best-padded bike shorts for you.

      Gel padded bike shorts

      Gel padding is considered the best option for beginners. The gel pads are generally where your sit bones will contact the seat and are thicker than Chamois pads. This additional thickness works great to absorb shocks and any vibration from the spin bike or the road. The gel padding also gives more support due to the construction of the material. Unlike foam and chamois, it will not compress as much when you put pressure on it. In reality, that just means that you get more protection on longer rides, as the gel stays in position and provides consistent comfort throughout.

      It is important to remember that gel padding is usually combined with chamois or foam to provide dual protection and added comfort. However, gel-padded bike shorts are thicker than chamois padded shorts, and for that reason, not everyone finds them as comfortable.

      Chamois padded bike shorts

      The more traditional padded bike shorts have a chamois pad. This chamois pad is usually multiple layers of foam and polyester. This layering system provides comfort by giving your sit bones a bit of cushioning, in addition to promoting added breathability. 

      Although chamois padded bike shorts have a thinner cushion, that does not mean that they do not provide the comfort you need. Thanks to their anatomical design, you get the protection you need, but without the same bulkiness of gel padded bike shorts.

      3D or 4D padding

      You will notice that the best-padded bike shorts have 3D or 4D padding. This represents how comfortable and anatomically designed the padding is. For example, 4D is thicker, provides more protection, and will be more suited for cyclists looking to spend 3 hours or longer on an exercise bike. However, 4D padding is sometimes too thick and results in chafing on shorter rides. That said, this grading system is an easy way to compare the padding used in the best indoor cycling shorts. The most popular grade of padded bike shorts is 3D, as it is the perfect blend between protection and comfort.

      Still need some guidance to find the right padded bike shorts, check out this helpful article - 



      Cycling shorts are a great way to help you stay comfortable while riding on the small seats found on many exercise bikes. The best-padded bike shorts for cycling classes are comfortable, breathable, and durable. By investing in a few good-quality pairs of padded bike shorts, you will find yourself enjoying cycling classes. Although you can get padded seat covers, they are not as effective as indoor cycling shorts to keep you comfortable and reduce chaffing.

      You need padded bike shorts for your cycling class if you want to be comfortable, cycle for longer and even improve your performance. Although spinning sessions are challenging, you should not be put off jumping on the bike because you are in pain every time you finish a cycling class. By investing in a couple of high-quality, well-fitting padded bike shorts, you will be able to smash your fitness goals during your next cycling class.

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